Happy New Year

So I am half way through January, and I have adopted a new attitude to life, that in time will give me the results I need to push myself forward. It’s amazing how talking to influential friends how things have shifted inside myself. Being forced to recognise certain traits about myself, which I personally do not like, and others either, I am making effort to correct my ways and learn from them. The mind is  a tool, I wish I had used this tool in my earlier life to cope with the traumas I encountered. But then, would I be the Artist, or person I am today? Maybe not.

I met a really talented photographer friend last night, at one of my favourite places in London, BFI, south bank, buzzing with people, lights, and -2 degrees, chatting about art, photography, life.

Excited about the photography shoot that will happen this year, and with the talented Phine Ka, we met through Twitter almost 2 years ago, her work is professional, creative, outstanding, the quality speaks for itself, to even have a little part of her passion and skill to help me capture my ideas, is over-whelming.


The clairvoyant evening at the weekend, was good, as not been for over 2 years, and sometimes I need to connect with the altar world to capture that sense of who I am on a different level and hear my love ones come through.


Pizza, friendship, fitness, designing, CV, sleep, chatting, art, goals, work, lights, cold, winter.

Photos from last night.

2015-01-19 17.17.12 2015-01-19 17.17.54 2015-01-19 17.21.46


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