What a week

What a week, Monday almost over already, my days have started to blend in each other again, sometimes the times and dates just get lost, yesterday I was doing my receipts, and writing 2017 on them, didn’t realise until few moments, in and had to re correct them. Today I was doing some writing, and what use to be so easy to write as a teenager at school, these days, being on computer and texting, my writing has got terrible!

My sisters dog had to be put down few days ago with liver cancer, which was out the blue, what a sad day it was. Then my emotional health took a battering and I have been trying to crawl back since, which is hard. Tomorrow I start my training for the run in sept, dreading it as pushing myself through limits I have never experienced in my life, running is not something I ever chose! Raising money for mental health Mind Charity, and my t-shirt arrived ! I need to iron my name on.  I ironed once at 19 at uni, and never done it since! That’s one thing I have never wanted to own, my drawers are a sight for sore eyes with regards to my clothes. No order. Could never work in a clothes store lol.


It is so hot this summer, such unusual constant temperatures for London, England, I don’t ever really remember it being like this. I hope we get a really cold winter of snow to balance it out. Or at least some rain to give the gardens some life and the birds some water. A ginger Tom cat resides in our garden most days now, I like watching him through the kitchen window.


Things are very positive on the art front, I feel very comfortable now being an artist, and boy that’s taken years to accept and believe in my self-taught skills as a creative, I feel very lucky that whatever I feel or am experiencing I can channel it into my work – a couple of shows in the pipeline and still looking for a venue or a possible joint show to exhibit my heads next year.





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