Take me to the clouds above

in an out of day dreaming a lot at moment, words that seep to surface, but gone in second before I put them down on paper, sprouting from below, growing – always growing, sideways more than upwards towards the cloud of blue. That’s the state of my mind this week – after a whirlwind visit to New York, has left me with mixed feelings about the trip, and how life is not as it seems when you back to normality of regular life. Then what is this life? A question I ask myself today.


I cannot answer.


The reality side of life, I am excited that resin has been delivered so I can shine up my artwork.

Taking part in a real cool art show tomorrow night in Hackney. (see earlier blog post)

Taking part in a cool show next month – will post details soon.


Too  much time on my hands at moment, leads me to over think and analyse too much about things that don’t need such thought.

The life of an Artist comes with a health warrant!




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