Burgundy Rose – LGBTQ interdisciplinary Performer

On my artist journey and through my life experiences, I seem to always meet and connect with wonderful lgbtq creatives. A couple of months ago my inquisitive nature lead me onto doing a beginners Shibari course at the fantastic place https://anatomiestudio.com/ which is where I met first hand the incredible mesmerizing rope performer ‘Burgundy Rose’.

I only had a glimpse into her skills through the show and tell of what we had to learn, but it is there that I could see she had this incredible passion through her rope work.  To watch her tie is truly beautiful and those she does connect with are very lucky! She is very inspiring!!  A great role model for self expression and lgbtq community.

Following her on social media the last few weeks, which is something you should all do! Will post details at the end of the blog.

From a lgbtq perspective and being a lgbtq self expressionist artist, we need to support our fellow creatives and so here I am.

The most exciting part is that she has agreed for me to take photos of her soon!


Please check her website out https://burgundy-rose.com/


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_burgundy_rose/







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